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Hands explore and hold a wood sculpture.

Fully Tactile Art Exhibition

"Enjoy art that wants to be held, touched and explored!''

July 24th - July28th

47 Jeff Adachi Way
Wed - Friday 3-8pm

Sat & Sun 12-4pm


- Support the project -

Garden Party

For those willing and able to donate $250 or more we would like to invite you to a closing garden party at a residence in Noe Valley @ 4:30pm Sunday July 28th (this would be right after we close up the event at Jettison Creative). Come meet the artists and help us celebrate the closing of our event!

If we reach $8,000 in donations during this funding campaign then we can ensure that the artists who are generously donating work and time to this project get paid for their efforts. Our granting funds have secured the space, insurance, materials and logistical support needed to make this project come to life, but all individual donations will go directly to support these incredible artists!

We are fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which allows us to offer you tax deductions for your contributions.

Please make checks payable to Intersection for the Arts, and write Fully Tactile Art Exhibition in the memo line. This ensures that you’ll receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes, and your donation will be available for our project. 

Meet some of the artists

Why Tactile Art?

This project is a response to the continuous trend of art being enjoyed through vision, instead of also being seen through touch and other senses. We look to expand on this idea through creating a space for artist and patrons to explore this important conversation of what it means to "see" art.

Our Team

Important Wheelchair Access Information

We will be making our best effort to make the exhibition space as wheelchair friendly as possible. Such as plenty of space to easily move around the exhibition and having art at heights that are easily reachable. The main entrance of the space is a large slide up garage door with no floor lip and is straight off the side walk for easy access.

What we would like to be transparent about is the bathroom door is limited to a 34 inch entrance with a small decline, the bathroom itself is spacious. The side walks leading to the space are not perfectly even on Jeff Adachi Way. 

We share this information not to discourage anyone from coming to this event, but to avoid any unnecessary frustration. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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